These pictures are taken from a promo box put together in the 80's when the band had just signed to Warner Bros.

The band made these boxes in their base at 33 Shrewsbury Road, Birkenhead.

The box included a cassette tape (young ones ask granddad to explain) with several demo songs.This seems so out-of-date now, as we listen to most things on our iPods.

It was around this time that the band hijacked the parker pen symbol for their own

The top pictures were taken at the Pyramid club in Liverpool, A venue Roger eagle started promoting after the demise of Eric's. Other bands to play there included the Teardrop Explodes

There was an unfortunate film session at a local home for the mentally unwell where Gordon Hon pretended to be dying and was wheeled along the corridors by a mummified Alan Gill. (Bottom 2 pics).
Several of the patients joined the set, one pretending to be in charge and asking us to leave, followed by one who really was in charge and really did ask us to leave.